Getting to know the person behind the title.
CoPilot founders Christopher Hemming and Erynn Overly, created an organization that sprouted from 10 years of hosting thousands of events with Senior IT Executives. Taking from the format of getting to know the person behind the title CoPilot combines the knowledge of relationship building to help people who want to build trusted connections. CoPilot is about getting you those one-on-one meetings with the decision makers you need to meet. It’s not just about setting up a meeting, it’s about helping you to build a warm relationship with key IT Leaders.

This gave them a unique skill set of being natural connectors. They created a network through events but wanted to take that to the next level. CoPiot is designed to help your team build trust with the executive. We help your team cultivate essential business conversations and provide insight and feedback about each customer as the relationship develops. We are your sales team’s personal support team.


Connect with us. Your closing rate, propelled.